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Imagine a beautiful, contemporary performing arts center in Beaverton, where diverse audiences engage with a wide variety of intercultural and educational programming. Picture a place that’s busy throughout the week, with opportunities for audiences of all ages to come together around the arts. Feel the draw of a venue that attracts regional artistic groups and national touring programs as it drives the region’s economic and cultural vitality. The Patricia Reser Center for the Arts (PRCA) will celebrate our human need to create, to grow and to become our best selves.

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To Connect Our Community

Though our region is distinguished by human diversity, we lack a public venue that truly knits together our vibrant, global community. We don’t yet have a place to come together to learn, entertain and be entertained, challenge our assumptions, refresh our spirits, and tap into our deepest selves. As diversity defines us, the arts will unite us.

To Impact the Next Generation

The arts support achievement in school, bolster skills demanded of a 21st century workforce, and enrich the lives of young people and communities. As our culture grows increasingly digital and technology-focused, the arts offer children a way to engage with the world around them through a human-centric lens.

*Preparing Students for the Next America: The Benefits of an Arts Education (2013)

To Drive Our Economy

The Patricia Reser Center for the Arts will help retain entertainment dollars that residents, tourists and visitors spend outside our area. In 2015 alone, the nonprofit arts sector generated $21 million in total economic activity in Washington County.* A well-known arts and cultural destination that’s busy throughout the week benefits surrounding retail shops, restaurants, hotels and other local businesses.

*Arts and Economic Prosperity 5, Americans for the Arts.

Our Time is Now

This world-class venue and gathering place is coming to life through the collaborative efforts and passionate commitment of an already strong public/private partnership. In July 2018, the Beaverton Arts Foundation received a generous gift of $13 million to launch the project forward — and with this news, the facility was officially named the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts.

Pat Reser’s transformative investment provides nearly one-third of the $48.2 million needed to build the Center. Another $24 million will be funded by public sources, including a land donation and a new City Transient Lodging Tax (TLT). (No local income or property taxes are being used to fund the Center.) In total, funding for 98% of the construction costs has already been identified through public and private philanthropic investment. See our supporters.





Join Us

The balance of the funds needed for construction is being secured through private fundraising sources. All that remains to close the final gap and move the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts across the finish line is a collective push from individuals like YOU.

When you join the movement as a donor or volunteer, you’ll be part of the campaign that brings years of planning and effort to a spectacular result. Together, we’ll transform the future of this community and region!


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